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Gallipoli Portraits
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Enver Pasha
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Gallipoli Legends
I Have Already Seen
I Have Lost My Right Arm...
Last Letter
Hasan with Helen
The Man and his Donkey


  • A hungry man thinks he won't be satiated, a thirsty man thinks he won't be quenched.
  • The Devil is involved in hurried work.
  • A hungry hen sees herself in a wheat silo.
  • A hungry bear won't dance.
  •  A satiated man doesn't know what's hunger, a healthy man doesn't know what's disease.
  • Don't tell your secret to your friend, he will tell it to his friend.
  • It is worms which destroy a tree, it is worry which destroys a human.
  • A white day sheds light, a black day sheds darkness.
  • They put up minds for sale on the market, everyone liked his own mind. (Variant: Everyone put up his mind for sale on the market, and liked his own mind.)
  • Don't lie down in low places, flood will take you, don't lie down in high places, wind will take you.
  • There are many who throw stones at a red apple.
  •  There is no lover like mothers nor place like homeland.
  • To one who understands, a mosquito is a lute, to one who does not understand, a drum and zurna are little.
  •  Many will show the way after the carriage (variant: ox cart) has overturned.
  • A pear will fall to its root.
  • You can tell a lion from where he dwells.
  • Fire burns where it falls.
  • No smoke will come out from a place where there is no fire.
  • A man who seeks a perfect friend, will remain friendless.
  • The father donated a vineyard to his son, the son didn't give a bunch of grapes to the father.
  • A fish only comes to its senses after it is caught in the net.
  • Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are.
  • The stone will not move from its place unless head is put to head.
  • He who does evil to another, has done it to himself.
  • Divorcing a wife is easy for a single guy.
  • It's easy for a single to divorce a woman.
  • Even if you know a thousand things, still ask someone who knows.
  • What does one hand have? Two hands make a sound.
  • A bird will not fly with one wing.
  • Wormy beans will have blind buyers.
  • They put the blabbermouth in hell, and he shouted "The wood is damp!"
  • You should kiss the hand that you can't bend.
  • They put the nightingale in a golden cage, it still craved for its country.
  • Explaining something to an ignorant person is harder than making a camel jump over a ditch.
  • Habits don't expire until the soul expires.
  • They call you "generous" and make you lose your property, they call you "brave" and make you lose your life.
  • Hope won't be cut from the soul that has not expired.
  • Not he who lived long knows, but he who traveled much knows.
  • Mountain won't meet mountain, but man will meet man.
  • Drop by drop the lake is formed.
  • The sound of drums sounds nicely from far away.
  • Who falls into the sea will take hold even of a snake.
  • Whatever the thoughts of the dervish, so are his formulas.
  • They asked the camel why its neck was curved. "What of me is straight?" it said.
  • They will expel him who speaks the truth from nine villages.
  • If the world is flooded, it wouldn't matter for the duck.
  • One searches for someone else's donkey while singing songs.
  • Without effort there is no food.
  • Don't believe in foretellings but don't stay without them.
  • The value of youth will be known in old age.
  • Youth is a bird, escapes my capture. Old age is a heavy burden, can't sell it for a penny.
  • If they say there is a wedding in the sky, women would try to put up a ladder.
  • The village that one can see requires no guide.
  • Who is far from the eye will also be far from the heart.
  • Who loves a rose will endure its thorns.
  • Who has never been burned in the sun won't know the value of shadow.
  • Who enters the Turkish bath will sweat.
  • Winnowing is with the wind, wedding is with the people.
  • Flawless human is impossible
  • He who hiccups of him who beats the pestle.
  • A barking dog doesn't bite.
  • What comes from The Ever Living One will go to him.
  • Mountains won't endure on what lies ready.
  • There lies a lion in every heart.
  • Every rooster crows in its own pen.
  • Every sheep is hanged from its own leg.
  • One cannot eat the meat of every bird.
  • Every thing is best when new, a friend and wine are best when old.
  • Not every stone will hurt your head.
  • A rose will sprout from the place where a teacher has hit.
  • In a village with too many roosters morning will come late.
  • A dog that intends to bite does not bare its teeth.
  • If the imam scoffs, the community will chortle./If the imam farts the community will shit.
  • Who goes near soot smells of soot, and who goes near musk smells of musk.
  • Iron that works does not rust.
  • It is better to walk around a bush than fight with a dog.
  • Do good and throw it into the sea; if the fish don't know it, God will.
  • The crow said: "Oh, my snow-white child".
  • As the crow tried to imitate the partridge, it forgot its own walking style.
  • A chicken won't be grudged to a place a goose will come from.
  • The shroud has no pockets.
  • The nose of him whose guide is a crow will never get out of the shit.
  • Who lies with the blind gets up cross-eyed.
  • The cornered rat will lick the balls of the cat.
  • They asked the wolf: "Why is your neck thick?", and it said: "I do my job myself, that's why."
  • Near the dry, the damp will burn.
  • With talking the cheese ship won't move.
  • Property will not earn life, but life will earn property.
  • March makes one look through the door, and makes one burn hoes and shovels.
  • They throw stones at a tree with fruit.
  • Who steals the minaret will have a cover ready.
  • He who did not help building the minaret, thinks that it just grew out from the ground.
  • A guest will not eat what he hopes for but what he finds.
  • Whoever has the Seal, he is Solomon [the prophet].
  • Who has no intention to pray has no ears for the call to prayer.
  •  You will reap whatever you sow.
  • Where there is activity, there is fertility.
  • Wherever you go, an okka is four hundred dirhem.
  • A son will learn from his father to make a living, a daughter will learn from her mother to cut clothes.
  • There is no remedy for what will be and who will die.
  • He who has wraps four, he who has not wraps trouble.
  • They sowed "if only" and "if found", and wind and waste sprang up.
  • The priest does not eat rice every day.
  • It is unclear who has money and who faith.
  • Who gives the money will play the flute.
  • When bribery enters through the door, faith goes out through the chimney
  • Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.
  • An over-protected eye gets the speck.
  • Keep straw, its time will come.
  • They made the garlic a bride, its smell did not come out for forty days.
  • You master, I master, who milking this cow?
  • Who fears the sparrows must not sow millet.
  • Who eats it won't know the bitterness of the onion, but who chops it does.
  • Who laughs last, laughs the best.
  • One must fill the pitcher while the water is flowing.
  • The sheik cannot fly, but his disciple lets him fly.
  • Who sows wheat with the devil will get its chaff.
  • A charged pistol scares one person, an empty one scares forty people.
  • Who leaves no traces in the field, will be put to shame at harvest.
  • The mill won't turn with carried water.
  • What is salt to tasteless food, what is a word to a foolish head?
  • The hare (rabbit) was offended with the mountain, but the mountain did not notice.
  • Order the lazybones a task; he will give you advice.
  • "Pot, your bottom is black." "Yours is blacker than me."
  • The stew of cheap meat will be tasteless (hard).
  • Hope is the bread of the poor.
  • Don't tread on the tail of a sleeping snake.
  • A reserved will not have sons and daughters.
  • Grapes will darken by looking at each other.
  • Time is cash.
  • The head of the rooster that crows out of time will be cut off.
  • If the place you have arrived at is blind, blink your eye.
  • The liar's house burned, but nobody believed it.
  • A liar's candle will burn until bed-time.
  • Smart thief overcomes the landlord
  • The one who lays in shade in summer, whose bread becomes dark in winter
  • The beaten wrestler is never satisfied with wrestling
  • The brave is known by his fame.
  • A broke merchant counted his small change.
  • Who has a beautiful face has a beautiful character too.
  • Who wants yoghurt in winter must carry a cow in his pocket.
  • A rich man will get his carriage over the mountains, a poor man will lose his way on a level plain.
  • Even the rooster of a rich man lays eggs.
  • A rich man's belongings will tire a poor man's jaw.
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