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Seddulbahir Village

     Seddulbahir is located on the upper side of Ertugrul Fort which is the farthest southeast point of Gallipoli Peninsula. When we look down from the peak of the Ertugrul Fort, we see Kumkale at the entrance of Canakkale Strait on our left and the ruins of the city Troy.

     The village of 150 houses in Seddulbahir was vacated during 1915 Canakkale sea and land combats and was left empty until 1934-1938 after the occupational forces left in 1920.%80 of Seddulbahir villagers are farmers, they grow olives and almonds. The other villagers work in transportation and tourism sectors (from time the time) besides working as fisherman. The village has a highway route to Eceabat and some other villages from Alcitepe, Behramli and Kilitbahir directions or Alcitepe, Kum Limani, Kabatepe and Kilye directions.

     Seddulbahir Village is the place where Kitre-Kerevizdere-Zigindere combats took place. These lasted till the end of Jul 1915 and were red battles with hand to hand combats. The legendary team of Yahya Sergeant is the 10th team of this troop. Occupational forces were trapped in a 3-4 km2 of land, they were unable to take over Alcitepe and Kirte and this station remained until the vacation of the village. On the left of Ertugrul Fort, for the memory of heroic Turkish soldiers that defended Ertugrul Bay, there is Yahya Cavus Monument and Martyrdom.

     Inside Seddulbahir Village, there is the Seddulbahir Castle that was built in 1659 by Mustafa Aga when Koprulu Mehmet Pasa ruled. When the occupational forces landed in Ertugrul Bay, there were several cannons and projectors in the castle. In November 3rd 1914, four days after the decleration of war against Turkey, British ships bombarded Seddulbahir and Kumkale in Asian shores. One of the bombs hit an arsenal and caused the death of 89 people in the garrison and destroyed several heavy cannons in the castle. For the memory of our first martyrs that died inside Seddulbahir Castle in Canakkale Wars, Ilk Sehitler Monument was built in 1986. The Monument is also known as Cephanelik Monument.

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